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Dynamic tour optimization. Efficient. Sustainable. Superior.

Greenplan provides a unique algorithm for the highly complex task of moving goods and people in an efficient and sustainable way

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Cost efficiency

Typical gains of up to 30% vs standard solutions brought by unlocking the full potential of smart tour planning within a cost-centered approach leveraging cutting-edge discrete mathematical algorithms.


Highly customizable framework allows a precise tuning of the model for a perfect use case specific fit.


Accelerate tour planning processes through extremely short computation times enabled by efficient mathematical optimization methods used to tackle the high computational complexity.


Highly robust and realistic tour planning by considering time-of-day dependent traffic speed.

Known from:


Diminishing carbon footprint for road freight


Impact of optimal tour starting times

Greenplan is a cloud-based routing service for last mile, road freight and field service management

Greenplan creates the best tour plan for any specific case in particular by focusing on the holistic planning scope, optimizing larger instances instead of separate sub-instances with reduced complexity.

Dynamic tour planning without compromises

Plan best routes for each day adapting to the changing delivery scope. No need to reduce complexity up front by using or sub-districts

Illustration dynamic tour planning

Time-of-day dependent speed profiles

Using high-resolution true traffic flow history provides tours that are exceptionally robust and appear natural to the drivers

Illustration time-of-day dependent speed profiles

Optimal tour starting times

Determine the best starting time for each tour as an integral part of every tour planning process

Smart route planning benefits the entire organization

In today’s rapidly changing, complex and data-driven world, it is key that your organization is adaptive and continuously optimized. Smart route planning plays an increasingly important role both in day-to-day operations and in long-term strategy.

Strategic perspective

Greenplan enables managers to make the right strategic decisions

  • Modeling and evaluation of different strategic options (e.g. location planning, subcontractor management)
  • Broad possibilities of scenario calculations (e.g. CO2 efficiency, fleet planning)
  • Comprehensive reporting

Operations perspective

Greenplan enables operational managers to operate in an efficient, optimized and robust way.

  • Consideration of all given constraints (e.g. shipment priorities, workforce requirements)
  • High driver acceptance based on realistic route planning
  • State-of-the-art user interface

Industries we support

Greenplan is active in many different sectors, creating added value at strategic, tactical and operational levels. Discover how we can help you excel in your industry.
Road freight
Facility management
Retail & Grocery
Healthcare & Pharmacy
Post, Parcel, Express

You're in good company

«It is a major improvement, allowing us to buffer time in case we need to start our staging process much earlier. This is by far the aspect that has improved the most.»

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Cost reduction


Increased flexibility


Calculated shipments

Awards and Nominations

Logo PostEurop Innovation Award

Winner of the PostEurop Innovation Award 2020

Logo WSIS Prizes 2021 Champion

WSIS Prizes 2021 Champion Project

Developed by leading experts in combinatorial optimization and logistics experts

Logo Uni Bonn

Greenplan algorithm was developed by the scientists from the Research Institute for Discrete Mathematics of Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelm-University Bonn in cooperation with DHL

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