Facility & Property Management in Germany

Our customer was looking for ways to make their operations more efficient and, in particular, to increase working time utilization.

Greenplan reduced average travel times and distances for the maintenance staff allowing them to process more orders every day and thus benefiting the customer's bottom line.

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Value delivered

Increased effectiveness

Driving time was significantly reduced and actual service time increased to >80% of total work time

Reduced workload

Automated dispatch planning is freeing up resources for other, more value-adding tasks

Increased order fulfillment

Approximately 60% rise from three to five orders per technician per day

Forward planning

Greenplan supports anticipatory planning, i.e. advancing maintenance orders with low service levels in case workload allows it

Lower costs and less penalties

Reduced driving distance leads to decreased costs. At the same time, higher order fulfillment means less penalties caused by delays

Compliance with work time regulations

Through careful definition of the planning parameters, compliance with the maximum working time (on average) can be maintained



service technicians

home-based and delivering up to 3 service orders per day on average


locations are supported

ranging from small unmanned technical units to large facilities with various installations


orders annually

providing maintenance and repair of real estate & related equipment



planning service schedules for technicians locally in 10 separate districts


No automated & systematic route planning

Today’s setup is decentralized and local dispatchers assign orders to service technicians, who then optimize their schedule based on their own experience. This is not only non-transparent but also inefficient

Large dispatcher workforce

Orders are manually selected by dispatchers in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and assigned to technicians, a workload-intensive process that requires a large team considering the amount or orders to be planned

Delayed fulfilment by not considering priorities in planning

Dispatchers are merely considering the different service levels when assigning orders, it is mainly up to the technician to plan his daily schedule based on assigned orders

Inefficient worktime usage

Feedback from Operations manager shows, that driving times are too long and therefore work time is utilized ineffectively and non-productive

Unnecessary costs due to outsourcing

As a result of the ineffective planning, technicians fulfill less than 3 orders per day on average. In order to serve all orders in the given service level, external providers need to be engaged to fill the gap

Aggressive growth plans

Number of locations will continue to increase in 2020+, i.e. >30% increase in locations. To avoid scaling up workforce in a similar way, a sophisticated and automated solution is needed

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