About Greenplan
Seed-founded in DHL, Greenplan has become independent in 2022. We offer solutions to create sustainable and efficient routes for the B2B- and B2C-sector. Our team consists of experts of the logistics industry and mathematics. We live and work by our company’s virtues: sustainability, entrepreneurship, respect, passion and curiosity! In late-2022 Greenplan won an important strategic investor with the Gartner Challenger Ehrhardt + Partner Group.
Our Management

Dr. Clemens Beckmann


Florian Merget

We provide a highly efficient and robust tour planning without compromising on details by leveraging the full potential of smart routing.
Greenplan uses all available data to solve the routing problem in one instance, while existing solutions use smaller sub-instances to cope with complexity. The underlying algorithm enabling our approach was developed by scientists from the University of Bonn in cooperation with DHL logistics experts.
We empower customers to drive their own green strategies by enabling CO2 emission reductions through shorter distances and fewer tours.

Powerful proprietary algorithm based on cutting-edge research


Highly flexible framework allows use-case specific fine tuning for a broad range of applications and industries

Easy integration enabled by cloud-native design

Improve cost-efficiency and reduce your operations’ carbon footprint.
Our customers can rely on skills and knowledge of the Greenplan team on every project stage across all planning levels:
From including the new route planning in the long-term strategic roadmap to joint planning of the customized implementation to the post-golive support on minute operational details.
We are your reliable partner for all routing-related questions before, during and after integrating Greenplan in your system.