Route planning, strategic consulting and the perfect set-up for your operations
Greenplan supports you from the get-go:
We can optimize the planning of your delivery areas, zones, locations of your depots and the size of your vehicle fleet by using our state-of-the-art algorithm.
Whether you are intending to roll out your operations in a new region or want to optimize your current operations, we are here to support you with mathematical excellence and logistical experience of more than 75 years.
Product features
Prevent false load balancing, avoid traffic jams, and maximize the potential of your vehicle fleet by using (dynamic) route planning.

Avoid traffic jams thanks to optimal departure times

Use realistic routes which your drivers will love

Flawlessly balance the capacities of your drivers and vehicle fleet

Meet your CO² targets by reducing your carbon footprint

Tailor-made routes for all your individual requirements

Prioritized shipments, services and delivery time-windows

Fixed districts, overlapping districts or no districts

Product Overview
Find out more about our most interesting product features below:







Time windows

Tour structure

Customized Systems

Together with our technology partners we can design and build an optimization system to fit your situation and IT landscape


We stand by your side with individual step-by-step concepts during implementation and transformation
Gradual introduction of global optimization
A transition from planning in fixed districts (geofences) to a global tour planning and optimization
without districts is often difficult to achieve in a single step
Frequently Asked Questions

Our Greenplan software is available in the cloud, meaning it works anywhere in the world. We are using a map provider with data almost all over the world.

But sometimes, the map data provided is not entirely accurate, and in some cases the data can be incomplete. The fastest way to check is to send us a short request.

Absolutely! The industries listed on the website are the most prominent examples Greenplan’s application areas – but the list is by no means exhaustive. Please get in touch with us to discuss your use case.

We are using a very straightforward and easy pricing model, which is license-based on the number of vehicles (i.e. price per vehicle per month). The implementation comes with a fixed prices for either with our IT integration or without IT integration.

We advocate strongly for the protection of data. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has defined comprehensive data protection principles to standardize how data is collected and processed across countries. These include clarification around what constitutes “personal data”, requirements for explicit user consent to collect their personal data, standardization around the security of personal data, and the expansion of user rights with respect to their personal data.

In general, we advise our users to try to get out of the mindset of boundaries, territories, or geofences simply because they reduce the potential efficiency of the routes.

Consider this: If you have a large number of stops that straddle a fence, it may make more sense to have all of those stops served by a single driver.

Conversely, if you have a large number of orders on one side of a fence but that driver can’t handle all of them, then the fence should be redrawn to split that cluster of orders across two drivers.

But, if you need geofences for your daily business, we are able to consider these constraints.

The best way to test Greenplan is to try it with your own data. Please contact us and we will get in touch with you to run the first test calculations and answer all your questions.
We have an API ready for immediate implementation (see documentation for details). However, we can also design and implement a customized integration solution together with our industry-leading technology partners.