Avoiding any unnecessarily driven kilometer means less CO2
Greenplan’s more efficient routes significantly reduce distance driven and number of used vehicles
Among other benefits this allows our customers to reduce their CO2 footprint
10% reduction on average
With the dynamic tour planning of Greenplan, logistics companies are able to plan and operate their routes more efficiently. Greenplan optimization leads to an average reduction of the distance driven of 10%.
Typical Logistics Company Fleet


0,2 kg

CO2 per km1

Yearly Operations
2,500,000 km ~ 62,5 equator

Total kilometers driven ²

500 tons CO2

Annual footprint of a typical logistics company ³

450 tons CO2

Annual footprint with Greenplan optimized tours

500 t

450 t

50 tons CO2

Can be saved using Greenplan

50 tons is the amount of CO2 1500 trees can absorb in a year ⁴

The equivalent of reducing total yearly km driven for the typical logistics company by 10%