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The market is evolving at an incredible pace and we recognise the need for innovative and smart partnerships in order to be successful and drive value in the ecosystem. We are looking to partner with leaders across software, service providers (delivery businesses with fleets of vehicles) as well as reseller partners in order to help solve the biggest logistics challenges for our customers around the world.

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Software Vendors

We are interested to partner with leading software vendors and developers forming part of our ecosystem (fleet management, TMS, telematics etc.) where there are opportunities for feature-set expansion and value creation within our customer bases. We are also open to discuss white label opportunities.

Delivery Providers

Do you provide delivery services to businesses who also have fleets of their own vehicles? If so we are interested to talk to you as we believe logistics should be seamless for our customers and enabling easy ‘buffering’ into external capacity is a big part of that.

System Integrators

We are interested to talk to provers of turnkey process consulting and systems integration services for delivery, general supply chain and transportation systems. By partnering with us you are able to offer the most complete end-to-end planning, dispatch, routing and execution suite to your customers as part of your overall offering.

Consulting Firms

We are interested to talk to consulting practices across logistics, retail, eCommerce, food & beverage etc.) Partner with us to offer your clients an unsurpassable level of value-add across their operations.


We offer an attractive revenue-share programme for re-sellers that can help us expand our industry or geographical reach. If you have relevant country or industry connections, we’d like to talk to you!

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