DANX Denmark seeks to Implement Unique ‘Overlapping’ Route Planning Solution in Denmark Operations

The exciting new partnership between supply chain software leader EPG and route planning innovator Greenplan has already reached a significant milestone, with the news that time-critical logistics specialist DANX is rolling out Greenplan in its Denmark operations.

“Our mission is to be the leading provider in time-critical service logistics across Europe,” said Thomas Wad, CTIO at DANX Carousel group. “In our business, we need to excel at both speed and service-quality as we aim to deliver faster than anybody else aiming for 99% service fulfillment. This leaves minimal room for errors in our network planning. Greenplan is one of our innovative partnerships that we hope to be part of the solution of securing our excellence as we grow, and complexity rises. Better and faster planning means even better delivery and the most efficient transportation network also means fewer carbon emissions for our customers.”

Unique ‘Overlapping’ Algorithm

Billed as one of the most innovative developments in delivery planning software in recent years, Greenplan provides a unique algorithm which enables previously relatively fixed driver ‘rounds’ or districts to overlap, beyond the traditional route boundaries and zip codes. This dramatically improves quality in terms of delivery times and optimizes costs and efficiencies for the provider, because significant savings in mileage and time management can be achieved.

After the merger between DANX and Carousel Logistics last year, the DANX Carousel group has already announced its clear ambition to be the No. 1 provider of critical service logistics in Europe. As a front-rank supplier of spare parts to industries such as the automotive and agricultural industries, DANX guarantees that any pre-5pm order will be delivered by 7am the following morning. With a guaranteed 99% on-time performance, the route and delivery planning software package needs to be 100% effective.

Greenplan’s Competitive Win

DANX Denmark chose Greenplan because it outperformed all competitors in meeting strict requirements. Supporting faster and more reliable automation in transport processes, it was most responsive to fast-changing customer needs as well as cost-competitive on every metric, all backed up by outstanding engineering and service attention. “The screening process revealed that the competition was unable to meet our requirements, while Greenplan met our criteria in terms of speed and handling,” explained Daniel Skov, Strategy Manager at DANX Carousel group. “Greenplan also showed great ability to mitigate existing operational processes.”

Greenplan’s ‘overlapping’ functionality is a clear point of difference, he added. “It really stands Greenplan out from the crowd, allowing DANX Denmark to go from fixed route planning to part-dynamic modelling. This transforms our company proposition and allows us to prepare for future challenges knowing we have the best technical tools to help us.”

Greenplan has now started the roll-out process across DANX Denmark’s seven distribution centres and 100 vehicles in Denmark, having received positive feedback on initial testing in the Aarhus and Fredericia districts.

Florian Merget, Managing Director at Greenplan, said: “Our aim is to improve outcomes for our customers by increasing efficiency and offering extra agility at pace. Greenplan’s unique overlapping ability to predict most accurate traffic flows brings fully dynamic route planning ever closer.”

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