Dynamic routes: designed to fit the situation
One of the main sources of Greenplan’s efficiency are the tours that are cleverly distributed over the service area and fit the actual delivery situation of the day, because real-life volumes vary every day. Stringent adherence to pre-set routes is therefore inefficient: tours run over or under capacity, and time and money are wasted.
This is why a better way is to change the approach from static to dynamic route planning. Doing so will ensure long-term competitiveness of your business.
Better fleet utilization
Greenplan leverages full optimization potential by focusing on holistic planning scope, in particular by avoiding splitting the whole planning area to several pre-defined sub-districts
Best tours every day every day
With Greenplan there is no need to create static tours based on average delivery volumes and create. Enjoy all the benefits of dynamic tour planning made to adapt to the actual daily volumes of the day - every day.
Advantages of our approach

Optimal Resource Allocation

Better Balancing of Volume across all Tours