Greenplan finds the best way for Field Services, Road Freight and more!

Greenplan’s algorithm is relevant for a wide group of customers. Wherever routes are planned, we will find the best way. Learn more about our customers and how Greenplan enriches their route planning on a daily basis.

Post, Parcel, Express

Courier and parcel services are at the heart of the global economy. It’s a very demanding industry! Greenplan helps businesses decrease their operating costs and increase customer satisfaction with higher service flexibility and more on-time deliveries. Holistic and dynamic planning ensure the adherence to multiple time windows.

Road Freight

Greenplan helps freight operators master the challenges of just-in-time transport, specifically their complex LTL (less than truck load) and PTL (part truck load) networks. Moreover, flexible work time models, overtime breaks and mixed shipment types are considered.

Field Service & Property Management

Greenplan enables highly flexible tour planning for service, repair or expert support. We help save time and resources while increasing end-customer satisfaction. The consideration of flexible working time models and open routes is a strength of the planning algorithm.


Online marketplace providers have the ambition to design their platforms as customer-centric as possible. Greenplan adds to this services with optimized route planning and multiple time window deliveries.

Retail & Grocery

Retail and grocery home deliveries made life easier. For this reason, Greenplan finds the best way for providers to deliver their products to the customer considering defined time windows and stop-orders.

Healthcare & Pharmacy

Fast and safe transportation of drugs and other health products is essential in society. Greenplan enables precise, flexible and optimized tour planning for healthcare providers as well as pharmacies. The algorithm ensures adherence to important requirements such as cold chains or express deliveries.

Freight & parcel logistics in Scandinavia

Our customer, a leading global freight provider in a major Nordic country, needed a new automated tour planning system.

Greenplan won the official tender, beating several established tour planning and optimization providers.

To serve all customer needs we have designed and implemented a tailor-made business rule engine around our standard product.

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