Gartner Challenger EPG joins Greenplan

EPG (Ehrhardt Partner Group) is considered one of the global market leaders in the field of warehouse management systems (WMS). The international group of companies bundles its solution portfolio in its supply chain execution suite EPG ONETM and recently added a new transport management system (TMS). For intelligence (the TMS algorithm), EPG now relies on the innovation power of Greenplan – one of the strongest innovators in route planning. By working with Greenplan, EPG is expanding its TMS solution to include a unique and powerful algorithm for automatic routing and scheduling solutions, with efficiency increases of up to 20% compared to standard solutions on the market. By working with EPG, Greenplan is gaining a partner whose global presence and complementary supply chain product portfolio provide an ideal basis for joint global growth.

EPG’s work with Greenplan is the result of a successful cooperation in which both companies have already jointly implemented logistics projects. From now on, customers also always benefit from Greenplan’s innovative route planning algorithm as part of a TMS project with EPG. Both companies are counting on the strong synergy potentials to strengthen their joint market position.

Intelligent complete solution for transportation management

For Greenplan, the decades of experience, the global reach and position as well as EPG’s distinctive expertise are decisive arguments for the cooperation. Greenplan CEO Dr Clemens Beckmann: “With EPG, we can now offer a complete TMS solution in addition to perfect route planning. This, along with EPG’s global presence, will help us achieve our ambitious growth targets.”

Significant savings thanks to unique algorithm

For EPG, the addition of an intelligent route calculation algorithm to the product portfolio is now the next development step: “We have been aware of the need in the market for a modern and powerful TMS solution for some time now. With Greenplan’s solution, we have now found the ideal complement in the form of a unique and powerful algorithm that can be optimally integrated into our TMS,” says Marco Ehrhardt, President of EPG. Especially given the shortage of skilled workers we are currently experiencing, increasing demand for sustainable and efficient solutions in logistics as well as rapidly rising transport and energy costs, the cooperation with Greenplan is an equally important step for both companies. In addition, there are synergy effects with EPG’s existing product portfolio, such as the WFM workforce management system for scheduling drivers in the transport sector or in field service management. 

For Greenplan, the investment by a major and strong stakeholder in the industry is a significant milestone in the company’s still relatively young history and a clear indicator of the quality of its own software. This also supports the company’s goal of becoming one of the global market leaders in the field of TMS. Greenplan was founded in 2020 as a subsidiary of DHL and has been completely independent since the management buyout by its founders, Dr Clemens Beckmann and Florian Merget, in early 2022. In 2020, Greenplan won the “PostEurop” innovation prize of the Association of European Postal Companies. In spring 2021, one of the leaders of the Greenplan algorithm, Prof Dr Stephan Held, achieved first prize in the “Amazon Last Mile Challenge” by a significant margin over the runner-up, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This year, Greenplan was selected as one of seven scale-ups for the econnections programme. Here, seven companies, including Dutch Post, and Deloitte, have joined forces to deliver 500 million e-commerce items more sustainably in the future.  

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