Greenplan awarded “Best Product LogiMAT 2023” 

We are thrilled to announce that Greenplan has been awarded the “Best Product LogiMAT 2023” at the LogiMAT trade fair in Stuttgart! We are honored to receive this recognition and would like to express our gratitude to the LogiMAT board for the opportunity to showcase our algorithm on their stage. Our intelligent route planning tool impressed judges in the category of “Software, Communication & IT” to claim the top prize at Europe’s largest logistics exhibition. Greenplan was recognized for its innovative software which gives companies the power to reduce fuel consumption, greenhouse emissions, and overtime hours while increasing compliance with ETAs to over 97%.

LogiMAT’s Award is a Marker of Excellence in Logistics

The LogiMAT award identifies products which make a “significant contribution to streamlining processes, cutting costs, and enhancing productivity in the internal logistics of businesses.”  This award is a validation of the energy and resources we have devoted to our product and we are happy to see our own enthusiasm over Greenplan reflected in the LogiMAT panel. Greenplan’s algorithm is the result of years of research and development. Logistics experts, mathematicians, transportation companies, and data analysts have worked together to create a product that meets the modern needs of the industry.

By utilizing a dynamic calculation model, Greenplan is able to consider traffic flow speeds, truck capacities, and time-of-day dependent factors to maximize the efficiency of fleets. In addition, overlapping districts balance delivery loads evenly across available vehicles, reducing the number of vehicles needed and enabling drivers to complete their rounds in a shorter period of time. Greenplan customers save up to 20% in costs compared to their previously used route planning solutions, but going beyond cost-efficiency, Greenplan helps companies achieve their sustainability targets and reduce employee burnout: happier Earth, happier drivers, happier revenue books. 

Looking to the Future of Route Planning

We believe our algorithm has the potential to revolutionize logistics and “receiving the ‘Best Product LogiMAT 2023’ award is further proof of the enormous performance of our routing algorithm,” says Florian Merget, Managing Director of Greenplan. “Route planning is a complex task with many variables. The more factors there are to consider, the more difficult it becomes.

With Greenplan, we have developed a solution that meets this challenge.” Events like LogiMAT provide the opportunity to exchange ideas with industry leaders and reach new audiences who could benefit from our offerings. The title “Best Product LogiMAT 2023” will help Greenplan expand into new industries and countries to help better business practices worldwide. We are grateful to everyone who helped us achieve this accomplishment and will use the recognition as motivation to continue developing solutions that make a positive impact on the logistics industry and the planet.

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