Greenplan in Supply Chain Management Startups Handbook 2021

Greenplan is listed in the Supply Chain Management (SCM) Startups Handbook 2021

This week the new SCM Startups Handbuch 2021 has been published. With the book, publisher Matthias Bosse offers a good overview of young and innovative companies in the field of the supply chain. In addition to meaningful company profiles, the handbook serves as a professional guide for industry experts and venture capitalists interested in supply chain and logistics innovations.

Compilation of more than 200 companies from 27 countries

In total, the book includes 215 company profiles of startups or scale-ups from 27 European countries. The profiles include detailed product descriptions, feature overviews, and contact details. In addition, the so-called “SCM Startups Navigator” sorts all providers along with the corresponding market segments. This makes it possible to find the right provider for every application right away.

Leading industry experts comment on innovations in the supply chain sector

In addition to the company profiles, the reader also gains an exciting insight into current logistics trends. 10 “Supply Chain” experts from well-known companies such as McKinsey, EY, IBM, DHL Consulting, or Fiege Logistics comment in detail on topics such as artificial intelligence, “Circular Economy”, sustainability, “Internet of Things” and real-time monitoring.

© Foto: Mathias Bosse/ Supply Chain Management Startups

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