Postal Innovation Platform: route optimization webinar recording online

Full webinar recording now available on YouTube

Last week, Dr. Clemens Beckmann attended the Postal Innovation Platform (PIP) online executive forum on route optimization. The speakers (Juha Tolvanen, Posti; Markus Steinmann, Swiss Post; Tien-Ti Mak,; Clemens Beckmann, Greenplan (DHL); Robert Dohrendorf, Graphmasters) discussed the latest technologies, opportunities, and challenges in an area, which on the one hand can help postal, express and logistics companies to significantly increase quality and efficiency and on the other hand decrease costs as well as a waste of resources. Route optimization aims at finding the most cost-effective tours among a complex set of parameters: the number of stops, customer time windows, driver schedules, vehicles and their respective capacities, road or traffic conditions, and some more. The overall delivery process already starts in the sorting center, includes the loading of trucks and vehicles, and ends with an optimized (successful) delivery on the last mile.

The webinar is now available on-demand on the PIP YouTube channel (find the direct link to the video below).

About PIP

PIP’s mission is to drive innovation in the postal, express, and logistics ecosystem by bringing together postal and logistics companies, academic institutions, innovators, and other stakeholders to shape the future of the sector.

PIP is an open platform and forum that drives innovation in the postal, express, and logistics ecosystem with the objective to contribute to the success of the postal industry in a rapidly changing market environment creating new challenges. With an industry and stakeholder-driven approach PIP guarantees that the right and necessary themes are discussed and analyzed.

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