Next Stop: Transport Logistic

Greenplan is hopping back on the road to visit Transport Logistic in Munich! From May 9th to 12th the Greenplan team will be on site to present its innovative tour planning tool at the world’s leading trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT, and supply chain management. Greenplan´s participation is an opportunity to showcase its dynamic routing algorithm to a global audience and connect with fellow entrepreneurs.

An Evolving Industry Demands Innovative Tools

This year, Transport Logistic will focus on themes of resilience for global distribution chains, addressing the challenges of cost-efficiency, tight time windows, and greener business practices. As the quantity of transported goods and services grows and delivery chains become more complex, companies need new solutions for their distribution needs. Digitized and decarbonized options are replacing traditional methods to streamline supply chains and Greenplan is at the forefront of the innovation wave. 

By considering dynamic factors such as time-of-day scheduling, traffic patterns, balanced capacity, and overlapping districts, Greenplan’s innovative algorithm meets the demands of an industry that depends on reliable routing. In an industry with stiff competition, sustainable growth is imperative. Greenplan allows companies to best utilize their existing resources, enabling fleets to complete routes in less time, using less fuel, and with lowered costs. 

A Global Stage to Network with Professionals and Reach New Users

Transport Logistic is a critical event for the future of logistics, collecting transportation experts and businesses from around the world to share ideas about the next era of operations. With over 2,000 represented companies and an expected audience of over 60,000, the trade fair gives emerging entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals the opportunity to exchange ideas on how to address challenges, old and new, that threaten the efficiency of business practices. 

This year’s theme of resilience and sustainability perfectly aligns with Greenplan’s mission to help companies reduce their carbon footprint while reducing their expenses. By optimizing routes, Greenplan is able to reliably lower costs by up to 30%. These savings come from shortened routes, lowered fuel usage, reduced maintenance costs, and fewer overtime hours. Drivers and business owners alike benefit from the employment of the company’s intelligent tools. Greenplan improves the bottom line while improving quality. 

Greenplan Hopes to See You There

The exhibition in Munich is an exciting opportunity to meet potential partners while gaining valuable insights into the current trends and challenges of the logistics industry. We are excited to showcase our route planning tool and hope to see you there. Please feel free to contact us in advance if you would like to schedule a meeting! 

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