Visit us at LogiMat: Greenplan and EPG at Booth A71 in Hall 8

The Greenplan team is excited to showcase with our partner company EPG at the upcoming LogiMAT trade fair in Stuttgart. As one of the leading intralogistics fairs in the world, LogiMAT hosts companies on the cutting edge of innovation for procurement, production, and process optimization. Greenplan looks forward to using this platform as an opportunity to network with industry leaders, engage with potential new partners, and explore the topics that matter most to the future of logistics.

Our technology calculates the most efficient utilization of company fleets to reach destinations quickly while reducing fuel consumption, carbon emissions, and employee overtime hours. Businesses can then reinvest their saved time and money to enrich other aspects of their service. 

The perfect stage to highlight Greenplan’s sustainable and dynamic route planning

LogiMAT provides a stage for exhibitors like Greenplan to meet potential clients, partners, and investors from around the world. The trade fair spotlights key trends in the industry and the technological advances available to address a constantly evolving market. Field experts have the chance to share knowledge on their proficiencies and present solutions to target users. Greenplan will join in the live demonstrations of innovative technologies to provide a hands-on experience for attendees.

The logistics sector is undergoing rapid transformation, driven by digitalization, interconnectivity, artificial intelligence, and big data. Innovations in IT and technology are transforming every stage of the supply chain. To keep pace with competitors, companies must adapt to changing times. Tools such as those Greenplan provides give companies big and small the flexibility they need to survive and thrive. 

Stay ahead of the curve with Greenplan

Greenplan’s presence at the trade fair is a testament to the company’s commitment to provide routing technology that helps leaders stay ahead of the curve. By attending LogiMAT, Greenplan is not only showcasing its route planning software but also learning about the latest trends in operations, which help the company improve its offerings for businesses of all sizes, from local delivery companies to international logistics firms. 

LogiMAT looks to the future of the logistics industry, a future Greenplan actively seeks to improve. If you plan to attend the fair, Greenplan and EPG look forward to meeting you! Visit us at Booth A71 in Hall 8 to learn how to optimize your operations. We are happy to offer a free ticket to the event or schedule a coffee chat during the expo. To learn more about our showcase or to set a meeting time, please visit our partner’s website here: Greenplan (

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